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iStartFirst Podcast

Dec 4, 2019

Hashtag #self-love have taken over social media. But self-love is not just bubble baths and girls nights, it's being aware of your voids, it't being willing to step into your powers, it's stepping over your fears and doubts to grow with love. Love starts with serving you! 

I'm sharing what self-love is not and you will learn:

 - how to detoxify your environment (yes blocking in real life works too)

 - how to step into your power while being afraid 

 - why having support is crucial for your growth and what to do if you don't find it within your family 

You don't need permission to #self-love. You need to keep stepping into it because you make the choice. 

And if you want to elevate #self-love to the next level, iStartFirst 12 month bootcamp is there to serve you within the small selected circle of women. You can learn more below and claim your spot: