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iStartFirst Podcast

Jan 5, 2020

Probably my favorite episode yet (I'm not biased, ha!). I'm sharing growth and lessons from 2019 for iStartFirst and myself. What a year 2019 turned out to be: 2 iStartFirst Bossbabes Summits, podcast launch, multiple media features and hundreds of women's lives transformed - here are are, in the new decade!

We are always focused on stating goals for the next year, but don't always do a great job reflecting on the things we learned from the year prior. So my new year's resolution  - it to focus on the previous year before I set goals for the new year! 

You will learn:

 - why your worth determines your outcomes

 - 1 strategy that is guaranteed to keep you growing and leveling up in business and in life

 - my 3 biggest lessons from 2019

So give this a lesson to make sure that your 2020 goals are valuable, measurable and exciting! 

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