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iStartFirst Podcast

Jun 21, 2020

This episode is dedicated to all dads, stepdads and father figures who inspire our children to be better, who live with purpose to make the world better and who have our backs allowing us to be the true Queens! Get your Kleenex ready and listen to these incredible women Kara Ayala, Angela Agramonte, Angelike Norrie, and Brianne Hoefelmann, (& yours truly) share: 

 - skills you learn from watching your other half being a Boss Dad

 - how marriage/relationship growth when you have children

 - what traits make a man a FATHER 

Happy Father's Day! And a HUGE shoutout to Danny Hoefelmann, one awesome BOSS DAD and the reason this Podcast exists! 

Follow these ladies on Instagram @kara_ayala, @angela_tranformationcoach, @angelikenorrie, @briannehoefelmann, @olenkcullinan